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3 Lies About Bankruptcy

Knowing a little can help a lot!

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We live in challenging economic times. The last recession led to a huge spike in personal bankruptcies. That said, bankruptcy is designed to give citizens a “fresh start.”

     People going through or facing a bankruptcy owe it to themselves and their families to educate themselves before, during and after a bankruptcy. Doing so can dramatically improve your ability to rebuild yourself financially after a bankruptcy.

LIE #1 – It’s easy to do it on your own!

You owe it to yourself and your family to see quality professional advice. 


LIE #2 – You won’t be able to buy a car or house!

All major mortgage programs available today -- conventional, USDA, VA, and FHA home loans -- have built-in guidelines that allow post-bankruptcy buyers to qualify for a mortgage.” Cars are much the same, interest rates may be higher, but it can be a good opportunity to obtain a vehicle and begin building your credit.

LIE #3 – You can’t get life insurance.

It’s true that many life insurance companies won’t insure you, but that’s not because or a law or regulation. 


At, we specialized in helping clients find quality life insurance, not matter what their personal situation is.

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Wait, Did You Say You Can Get Life Insurance
After A Bankruptcy?

Yes, you probably can! Here's how!

At Term Hero, we’re specialists at finding quality life insurance for people that have a hard time getting insurance. Many agents will tell you a flat out “no” they can’t help you, but at Term Hero, we say, “Give us a try!” We work with more than 40 different insurance companies, and there’s a pretty good chance we can find something for you.

Here’s the best part: it doesn’t cost a thing to get a Free Quote! That’s right, for a Free, no obligation quote, just click the Free Quote button below, or talk to an expert right now by calling (818) 222-1076.


We’d like to help you start your new beginning, so what do you have to lose? Get a free quote, and let the team at Term Hero help you get a great policy at a great rate.

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